[V6-12v] Car not starting

Tom Christiansen tomchr at ee.washington.edu
Tue Feb 1 21:42:16 EST 2005


Compression is also needed for start...

If you are parked on a quiet street you can usually hear the fuel pump run 
for a few seconds after cranking. If the pump runs, the relay should be ok. 
I suppose the pump could be worn or something and still not work even if it 
runs. But I don't know.

As Clive touches on, in order for the V6 to make spark it needs to see 
signals from the cam and crank position sensors. Once it gets going I don't 
think it uses those sensors anymore, but I could be wrong on that.

If I recall my Bentley manual correctly, in case of no-start condition do 
the following:
1) Crank for 10 seconds. Leave ignition in the run position.
2) Pull codes.


At 05:49 PM 2/1/2005, apowell at colocougs.org wrote:
>Mancubus has a 95 90 that won't start.
>Before you pursue the complicated suggestions offered, step back and 
>remember two basic principles
>that have saved me a lot of work:
>1) When a car doesn't work right, figure out the SIMPLEST thing that could 
>cause the problem, and
>look for that thing.  9 times out of 10, that's going to be the problem. 
>No start? Check gas, check
>for spark.
>2) A car only needs three things to start: air, fuel and spark. If it 
>doesn't start, the problem is
>in one of the three.
>Figure out which.
>For example - check your manual to make sure it won't nuke your ignition 
>system, and if not, pull a
>plug wire at the distributor (not spark plug) end and hold it near the 
>cap. If a spark jumps, you
>have spark to the plugs. If no spark, check the coil. Do you smell gas 
>after cranking? If not, it's
>likely a gas problem. Air isn't usually a problem unless something is 
>blocking either the intake or
>exhaust.  Hall sensors and such are a big step above this level of 
>complexity, so save them for the
>second round of diagnosis.
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