[V6-12v] Re: how do you test for spark?

Kent McLean kentmclean at mindspring.com
Fri Feb 4 18:34:11 EST 2005

Robert Myers wrote:
> You don't need no steenkin' tester.  That's what fingers are for.  ;-)

I am shocked. :)

I found my spark tester.  I had to wait for the SO to get home,
so she could turn the key while I checked for spark.

I pulled a lead, and plugged the tester... No, I couldn't.
The V6 has deep, metal shrouds the prevented my tester from
fitting into the terminal. Doh!  But, I had some spare wires
in the trunk, so I took one, pried back the shroud, and I was
good to go.

I pulled the wire for plug 6 at the coil, plugged in my
spare wire, clipped the tester to ground, gave the OK to
crank the engine and -- what the heck?  I have spark.  Oh,
now what?

Since I knew I was getting gas, I was not expecting a spark.
When I saw the spark, my heart sank.  But wait, the V6 has
multiple coil packs. So I moved the tester to the next coil,
plugged it into output 4 and, Yes! No spark (is that a good
thing?).  I worked my way around the remaining coil outputs,
completing the test. Coil pack 2 seems to be bad.

DTC 4332 says, "Ignition Output 1, 2, or 3".  I guess it
was right.

I have a spare coil pack, but the leads have been cut because
its wires were pinched under the intake manifold. Tomorrow
I'll splice a spare coil into the existing coil pack.  I'll
let you know how it goes.

Kent McLean
'94 100 S Avant
'89 200 TQ, "Bad Puppy" is no more

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