[V6-12v] Re: V6 no start update - it starts

Tom Christiansen tomchr at ee.washington.edu
Tue Feb 8 22:05:49 EST 2005

Reminds me: On my ancient 1985 5000T (no Q), I needed to floor the gas 
pedal to start in cold weather. That car had a lot of issues and I didn't 
have time to deal with them all. But I do recall reading somewhere that the 
I5's need gas to start. The V6's shouldn't...


At 06:30 PM 2/8/2005, Kent McLean wrote:
>Yesterday I had the car towed to the mechanic. Before we put
>it on the flat bed, I tried one more time -- half a cough, but
>still no-start.  Today the mechanic looked at it. Whenever he
>gets a non-starting car in, he automatically replaces the plugs.
>Which I had just done on Sunday (0 miles on the plugs, since
>the car wouldn't start for me). He got in the car, pumped it
>hard, and -- the M.F. started!!!
>He let it run, shut it down, started it right back up. The third
>time, letting it idle, it stalled. Hooray! Pulling the real codes
>with a Vag-Com (not the blink codes with the CEL), it showed two
>bad O2 sensors.  I'll replace them tomorrow.
>The mechanic didn't do anything I didn't do. Well, except for
>pumping the gas hard (I just pumped it). It started for him, but
>not for me.  Go figure.
>So, what did we learn?  Audis are enigmatic, mysterious beasts
>that are not to be trusted.  I'm sorry I can't say, "It was the
>Oh, and the car now has a name.
>Kent McLean
>'94 100 S Avant, "Moody"
>'89 200 TQ, "Bad Puppy" is no more
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