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 Sounds like great news to have your car running  and I am sure you are
relieved, but  I just can't help being skeptical and I appologize in advance
for that . It was my understanding that the car does not even look at the 02
sensors for the first five minutes after starting anyway. They only come
into play after the car has warmed up. I do imagine that bad o2 sensors
could cause the car to run too lean however and not start providing they are
used in starting. Maybe someone else could comment , but I have NEVER heard
of 02 sensors causing a no start condition. I am not even sure what
"pumping" it does on a fuel injected car before starting. I called my
Brother ( a Ford factory mechanic  ) and he said some cars are desiged so if
they see 5v at the Throtle position sensor ( pedal to the floor ) it assumes
a flood condition, emulating the old carb syndrom of holding down the gas
all the way when it is flooded, and goes to some preset values that usually
starts the car. But he said you still have to fix the cause. PS he added if
you have been trying to start the car for a while and have been susupicios
of no spark, he suggested changing the oil, as constantly cranking the
engine will cause gas to dilute out the oil, ( that is provided you were
getting gas in the first place ) .

Anyway I am glad things worked out for you and hope the reepair didn't sting
your pocket book too bad !

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> Yesterday I had the car towed to the mechanic. Before we put
> it on the flat bed, I tried one more time -- half a cough, but
> still no-start.  Today the mechanic looked at it. Whenever he
> gets a non-starting car in, he automatically replaces the plugs.
> Which I had just done on Sunday (0 miles on the plugs, since
> the car wouldn't start for me). He got in the car, pumped it
> hard, and -- the M.F. started!!!
> He let it run, shut it down, started it right back up. The third
> time, letting it idle, it stalled. Hooray! Pulling the real codes
> with a Vag-Com (not the blink codes with the CEL), it showed two
> bad O2 sensors.  I'll replace them tomorrow.
> The mechanic didn't do anything I didn't do. Well, except for
> pumping the gas hard (I just pumped it). It started for him, but
> not for me.  Go figure.
> So, what did we learn?  Audis are enigmatic, mysterious beasts
> that are not to be trusted.  I'm sorry I can't say, "It was the
> fritzmitz."
> Oh, and the car now has a name.
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