[Bulk] Re: [V6-12v] no heat at idle .

Clive Young cyoung1661 at rogers.com
Sat Feb 12 23:42:39 EST 2005

last act of a desperate man ....

I have only bled it about ... oh i'd say 25 times.... I even broke the plastic bleed screw...... i was actually amazes I bled it so many times without it breaking.... I would always let it warm up intil  fluid came out then sealed it off. I even tried pressurizing the reservoir to force any air up to the bleed screw,that didn't help either ... as I would think I got some air out, but it would be the same result, besides, i think by pressurizing the reservoir I think I am injecting air into the sytem via the overflow hose into the top of the rad. 
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  Hmm, it's not that drastic (stopping at the light).  I did have to replace my thermostat last year as it broke into 2 separate pices.  However when that happened I was getting engine codes and engine warning light after about 5 to 10 min of driving,  that the engine was not warming up on time.

  Did you try to bleed the coolant pipes that go through the firewall into the cabin ?  When I replaced my thermostat I had to drain the coolant afterwards I had to bring the engine up to temp and try to bleed the system, I did that 2 or 3 times before the heater started working, even though my coolant temp gage showed 90c.

  hope this helps

  Clive Young wrote: 
Thanks that is really good info .

If you stop the car and let it idle again does the heat drop off again. ?
Mine is fine while I am driving but if I stop at a light , by the time it
goes green again the air is luke warm at best , sometimes down right cool !
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  Clive, this engine is hard to get hot in sub 0 c temp's.

My 1993 90CSQ, after sitting in the garage (-5c) for 15 min starts
blowing semi warm air (no temp probe to test it), if I drive it it
becomes warmer faster, but to get it really hot you have to drive it
really hard.  ex: empty parking lot after fresh powder = lot's of
Quattro fun :-))

Clive Young wrote:

    Well Finally I must say I feel totally defeated. I have tried everything
      I can think of and it just won't produce decent heat at idle. I just have
one or two last few questions before I put the nail in the coffin.
  Is there anyone right now that has there car pumping out decent heat at
      idle with an ambiet outside of zero to minus 10 celcius , if anyone can
stick a thermal probe in the heater vent I would aprreciate it. At least
that would tell me if is suppose to work.
  The P.O. told me he took the car to AUDI for the same reason , they put
      a thermostat in it , flushed the system, charged him a whack of money but
still didn't fix it. so what chance do I have .. those guys do this for a
living !
  Oh well , I have just had enough......
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