[Bulk] Re: [V6-12v] no heat at idle .

Tom Christiansen tomchr at ee.washington.edu
Mon Feb 14 11:19:26 EST 2005


>On the off chance it might have been
>the case i tried to get at the bleed screw and at least see what would
>happen.... nice of them to put a sensor bracket right over the top so you
>can't get to it .. and when I eventually did with an allen wrench , forget
>it , the thing is welded in there !!
>What do you think ?

I think you should make the best out of this excellent opportunity to buy 
new cool tools and get hold of a set of Allen bits for your 3/8" socket drive.

I don't recall ever having any trouble getting at the bleed screw from the 
top. Sure, it's jammed in there behind something, underneath something 
other (like everything else in the car) but if you gently persuade the 
connector bracket with the 3/8 extension while getting that Allen bit in 
there, you'd be OK. That makes it easier to get good leverage on it as you 
can now put a breaker bar on... (And use the torque wrench once the system 
is bled and you want to close the thing.

I believe I normally use a straight 6" or 8" long 3/8" drive extension when 
I have that bleed screw out.


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