[V6-12v] thermostat replacing...power steering pump pulley stuck...

Austin Franklin austin at darkroom.com
Sat Jan 15 17:57:06 EST 2005


I have a 96 A4 2.8 Quattro that I've owned since new.  I checked the
archives and lucky for me, this is a recent topic of discussion.

The referenced write-up on twiki is quite good IMO (and I have the Bentley
manual, which is OK, but leaves a lot to the imagination)...but...I'm stuck.
I can't get the power steering pump pulley off.  The three retaining bolts
came off no problem, but the pulley it self is aluminum, and thin aluminum
at that, and is just stuck on the iron pump shaft.  I tried prying gently
with a pretty long screwdriver, and whacking it close to the middle with a
socket wrench extension and a hammer at three equidistant places...and it
just doesn't want to budge.  Any suggestions?  I was going to spray it with
some Kroil and see if that perhaps helps.

Does anyone knew if you can get replacement clips for the little metal clips
that are on the toothed belt guard (timing belt covers)?  Mine were quite
rusted, and just literally fell off in my hands when I went to unclip them.
I'd hate to have to buy new covers just for the metal clips.



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