[V6-12v] A6 2.8 to 4.2 conversion

James Whitehouse jamescarstuff at aol.com
Tue Jan 25 12:40:48 EST 2005

Yeah, although anything can be done, you're totally right when you say 'at a
price', which was my original caveat to the project. I have a friend who was
a bit of a boy racer in his youth and kept on modding this mini, to eke more
and more performance out of it, which he did. However, when he looked back
at what he'd spent in terms of both time and money, he worked out he could
have afforded a car which was designed to do that speed in the first place
and probably stayed on the road through most of it too. Now your situation
is a little different, because the A6 Quattro is a fairly highly rated car
in terms of speed and braking anyway, so a little extra power won't hurt at
all, but you do have to realistically work out what it'll cost, and then
decide if you aren't better off buying the S6 - what was the reason for not
buying that again? I didn't understand, or maybe all your message didn't
come through... Turbo charging is an interesting option. Aw hell, just
re-mortgage the house and go buy a nice RS6!

Not as much fun as modding though, I'll agree ;)

On 25/1/05 5:16 pm, "brandon&trenna adams" <quattrorunner at earthlink.net>

> Anything can be done. I saw Jay Lenno had a huge V8 turbo placed into a 69
> toronado and changed it to rear wheel drive using new corvette
> underpinnings. Only Jay Lenno could afford to do this though. He was trying
> to build a car as cool as theBently Continental or something for less $. I
> doubt he did it for less.
> If this project costs more than $5000 including the cost of a good newer
> engine, It's too much $ for this car. Ican get an allroad with third seat
> and place a couple ko4 turbos, chip it, and be happy with 300+ hp.
> The real need to do this is stupid to be honest. My wife won't allow me to
> back in age for the car, keeping the 95.5 s6 out. We insist on the third
> seat, I insist on more power. (I had a 91 20020v before) And I need to stay
> with a quattro (once you go quattro...)
> So, What about a compressor of some type? I realize the problems with the
> ecu tuning of this car. Could I use Javads fueler to supplement fuel needs?
> If so,I could get a supercharger or have some headers made and add a turbo
> or two turbos. What are the thoughts on my quest for power in a car not
> intended for it?
> Thanks, BA 

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