[V6-12v] 96 A6Q side mirror glass replacement...

Austin Franklin austin at darkroom.com
Fri Jul 1 10:42:16 EDT 2005

Hi Tom,

I saw that as well.  It figures they have a "special" tool to take off
mirror glass.  Luckily I don't care if the old glass is broken, I have new
glass.  I was curious if anyone had actually done it.



> Bentley says to pry the old glass out with a "Tool 80-200". Protect the
> mirror housing from damage with tape. To install the new glass:
> Align with
> guide pins, press on. Press on the center of the glass.
> Wear protective gear (goggles, leather gloves, etc.) to reduce
> the risk of
> injury from the glass if it should break.
> I suspect one of those sheet metal crowbars would work just fine as a
> substitute for the "Tool 80-200". Get something that's fairly wide to
> reduce the risk of breaking the glass.
> Tom
> At 07:16 AM 7/1/2005, Austin Franklin wrote:
> >Hi,
> >
> >Has anyone replaced a side view mirror glass?  A new one from
> the dealer was
> >only $36 (and included the heater element), and looks like I just tug the
> >old one out...but I wanted to confirm that before trying.
> >
> >Austin

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