[V6-12v] Bad relay ? weird symptoms

Tom Christiansen tomchr at ee.washington.edu
Mon Jul 18 23:19:14 EDT 2005

I learned the hard way. One day I came home. The engine stalled. I 
tried to restart it. The starter didn't turn. It turned out the 
starter had fried as it had remained engaged as I drove home. $500 
later ($320 of which was the starter) the car was back to normal.


At 06:03 PM 7/18/2005, Clive Young wrote:

>I definitely agree with Tom
>I just had all these symptoms exactly and it was the switch. Maybe 
>the switch is not returning to its normal position after starting 
>and eventually works its way back there. Ask your friend if his 
>switch feels stiff or what happens if he turns it back fractionally 
>after starting it. The switch is designed so that when it is giving 
>maximum current to turn the starter motor the other 'conveinience" 
>electrics aren't connected, but when you release the switch it is 
>suppose to move back and connect all the stuff you mentioned... 
>definitely worth a try for the 10.00 USD
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>>I'd replace the ignition switch.
>>On Mon, 18 Jul 2005, RGuzz wrote:
>>>My friend has a 95 90 FWD. When cold he has no directional 
>>>signals, power windows, working sunroof, AC fan (?). After warm up 
>>>and a few minutes running all appears to function fine.
>>>Did we just go over this?
>>>Thanks again for your collective opinion.
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