[V6-12v] Strut Replacement and other issues

RGuzz rguzz at mindspring.com
Fri Jun 17 12:13:07 EDT 2005

Thanks, to everyone...I will do exactly as suggested. This car sat for 
several months, and after air, fuel filter, plugs and MAF sensor 
cleaning there is already a world of difference in how she runs, 02 
sensor testing or replacement and EGR, intake cleaning also in line to 
be done. If at some point if I have to ditch the engine most of what I 
will have done will be of benefit anyway (I'll eat the gasket costs and 
my time for the intake job). Vacuum  lines appear good. The engine is 
dry as a bone, all fluids look very clean.
The car runs great other than some hesitation and occasional black 
smoke. Only code I get is for EGR.
Unfortunately, t-belt needs to be done and  t-stat is busted open, which 
won't help the rich running either.
Having given up my 94 S-4 I finally found a big Audi I can actually work 
on. But I do miss the power...these V6's are slow as molasses.
Still haven't come across a step by step strut insert replacement write 
up...one for idiots, which is what I need next.
Thanks again.
95 A6 5 speed 135k miles and new.
91 200 TQ 160k miles and costing me a fortune.
87 4KQ cheap and reliable but getting hard to shift in 1'st and reverse, 
new clutch recently. Does this have to be internal gearbox wear?

On Thursday, June 16, 2005, at 11:29 PM, George Tur wrote:

> On Wednesday 15 June 2005 05:17 pm, you wrote:
>> Thanks...the check engine light does come on and I was planning to 
>> check
>> codes, expecting EGR to be the culprit. I found lots in the Archives
>> including a step by step on the intake repair. Funny I don't smell or
>> see blue smoke and the residue on the tail pipes is black with
>> occasional black smoke evident. Plugs look to be fouled by gas (rich
>> appearing AND oil).
>> My mechanic with years of AUDI experience tells me the rings are shot
>> and I'm in deep engine trouble...but it might be worth  fooling 
>> around a
>> bit before reaching this conclusion. Some tell me they have never seen
>> rings go bad in these cars. Engine compression is fine but my mechanic
>> tells me the oil rings are the likely culprits.
>> Suggestions?
>> Richard
> ***************
> Well, there were discussions a few years ago about the high oil 
> consumption on
> some of the V6-12v engines and one opinion was that the rings were 
> installed
> so that the gap on the rings lined up which allows oil to flow down the
> piston. Don't know how valid that story is, but it's one of the stories 
> that
> went around. We've had our 95 A6Q for almost 8 years and it's always 
> had high
> oil consumption. Right now it consumes a quart every 1k miles, which is
> better than it did before, and which is within the acceptable range 
> according
> to the local Audi dealership.
> With the symptoms you've described I would take a shot at the egr 
> system and
> the O2 sensor before looking into an engine rebuild. Also take a look 
> at the
> MAF, there is a cleaning procedure for it in the archives also. And 
> last if
> you are getting codes I definitely would take a shot at reading them.
> George

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