[V6-12v] Parts compatibility

Clive Young cyoung1661 at rogers.com
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I think since this is the v6-12v list I am not sure any one would know he 
answer, you would kind of have to have both cars to give an answer. I am 
at the cracked head however. I thought htese engines were fairly bullet 
proof. Have you considered putting a head on it vs writing off the whole car 

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> Russell Kubycheck wrote:
>> What parts from a '93 90cs would be OK to use on a '97 A6qw?
> There hasn't been a lot of response to this, so I'll give
> you my 2 cents.  I'd keep big ticket items that might bring
> money on eBay if they don't fit the A6 -- things like the
> engine, transmission, rear diff, front seats.  I'd probably
> save the headaches and put the remaining shell on eBay. You
> might make a little more money by parting out the little bits
> on eBay, but be prepared to dispose of a lot of leftovers.
> I don't think saving the calipers would be worth it; by the
> time you need them, they may be corroded from disuse (unless
> you store them in oil).
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