[V6-12v] Just bought a 96 A6A

Ron Wainwright ron_01056 at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 25 14:14:03 EDT 2005


  I just bought a 96 A6A with 164k Black with grey
interior. Very nice car. But I do have a question or
 The check engine light is on,
 but the car runs & drives great just drove it back
from NH to Mass. What do I need to check the codes? 
 & I hear a squeeling noise coming from behind the
center vents I think it's the blower motor? Can I
assume that thats what it is? It makes noise then it
will go away. Squeeled for a little bit then went away
for most the rest of the trip till I had to slam on
the brakes then it came back on. If I wack the side of
the vents it will go away.

  Also what is the timing belt life expectancy? 60k,
90K, or somewere inbetween?
 Well thats it for now.
87 5ksq many mods
90 200tqa many mods FS
90 V8Q Pearl 92k 02 OEM S4 17's, Urs4 sport seats,
stebro exhaust, Porsche "BigReds", sport grill, euro
clear turn signals
93 V8Q Pearl 138k ATE type 10 17's
96 A6A 164k

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