[V6-12v] New there'd be a proble sooner than later!

Clive Young cyoung1661 at rogers.com
Mon Jun 27 08:31:41 EDT 2005

If you are going to pull the instrument cluster replace the ignition switch
regardless for the 20.00... if that's not the prolem ... it will be soon !!!

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Ron Wainwright wrote:
 > & as she describes it the IC gauges stopped working!!

Then she should fix it. :)

Have you checked the fuses?  It might be the wiring
harness connection to the IC.  Pull the IC; it's not
too difficult.  See:
Pull the connectors (some pull, some have clips, they all
seem to be different), clean them, spray them with some good
contact cleaner( DeoxIt, Stabilant 22), put it back together,
and hope for the best.

 >  Also I found the glove box manual & found that the
 > timing belt & such was done at 104k. So there is 60k
 > on the timing belt

When was it done?  The other limit is 5 years (the
rubber ages).

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