[V6-12v] first problem sooner than later***Updade***

Ron Wainwright ron_01056 at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 27 12:58:38 EDT 2005


  I'll go get the ignition switch today. But before I
replace & before I disconnect the battery
 I am concerned with loosing the radio! I did find all
the glove box manuals & 
it has the radio leaflet in it but the perferated tear
off paper that the code for the radio is on is
 So I figured I would ask those who know,
 I thought I heard some were that you can make or buy
a small power supply to keep the radio from going into
SAFE mode when disconecting the battery?!
 Kent do you know?? I thought I heard someone say it
on the Mother list! But the arcives being what they
are I don't have 5 years to search them to find out!!

 So I will need to take the radio out, is it as simple
as the older type 44's? Stick 2 U shaped wire coat
hangers in the holes 
on the side of the radio face to release the clips
that hold it into the center console?
 Also were is the fuse box? On the pass side foot
whell? I did find some relays to the side of the water
diverter under the hood. & also seen some more behind
the knee pannel under the steering wheel from where
the relays are under the hood.
87 5ksq many mods
90 200tqa many mods FS
90 V8Q 92k many mods
93 V8Q 138k 
96 A6AQ 164k

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