[V6-12v] Update and questions.

Tom Christiansen tomchr at ee.washington.edu
Wed Jun 29 22:18:40 EDT 2005


I follow "if it ain't broken don't fix it". If you don't get a code, don't 
replace any sensors.

By "intake" I assume you mean the intake plenum (the plastic piece) rather 
than the aluminum intake manifold... When I did mine, I took the throttle 
body out and cleaned the EGR passage and EGR valve. Give the valve some 
exercise with a vacuum tool while spraying O2 sensor safe carb cleaner into 
it. Clean the EGR passage in the throttle body with a piece of wire cable 
(bike brake cable works great for this) or similar tool. Replace the 
gaskets. Some people talked about trouble getting the rubber "doughnut" for 
the intake plenum. The rubber gets hard with age so it doesn't seal as well 
and lets in unmetered air. Conveniently, a piece of flat phone cord (not 
kidding!) cut to length and stuffed into the slit in the doughnut works 
like a charm.

Another reason for the EGR code could be the EGR temp sensor. If you have 
the throttle body out anyway, you should have access to it. At least test 
it to see if it's OK. I believe I sent out a test procedure for this (quite 
possibly to you) on the list within the past month.


At 06:34 PM 6/29/2005, RGuzz wrote:
>95 A6 5 speed 134k miles...oil consumption has much improved as has 
>overall running condition after the usual minor interventions...fuel, air 
>filters, cleaning MAF sensor, couple of oil changes. I have removed the 
>intake both sections for cleaning and repair of EGR code, the only one 
>present. Lots of plugged up stuff.
>The question is: what else should I do while the intake is out. Replace 
>coolant sensors, vacuum hoses, 02 sensors? I have ready access to a fair 
>amount of stuff that might need attention and don't want to put it back 
>together without seeking the advice of the list. Replace EGR? It appears 
>to be original.
>Should I leave the 02 sensors alone as there are no related codes? They 
>aren't the originals as they are three wires present.
>Anything else?
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