[V6-12v] valve cover gasket change.

Tom Christiansen tomchr at ee.washington.edu
Mon Mar 14 13:25:09 EST 2005


The crankcase hose is pretty easy to remove from the valve cover. Just 
squeze the two gizmos on the side of the hose connector and pull. I have 
not replaced valve cover gaskets myself, but I agree with your assessment 
that it should be a pretty manageable job.


At 09:33 AM 3/14/2005, George Tur wrote:
>I took a look at my wife's 1995 A6Q a few days ago and noticed that the valve
>cover gaskets are weeping in the front. The weeping is heavy enough to have
>coated the alternator with oil and it looks like the belts are getting
>splattered also. I've ordered the valve cover gaskets and plan to do it as
>soon as the temperature goes up a little. I'm getting to old to work in the
>cold...:-) Looking at the engine layout it looks like it's fairly straight
>forward, except for the egr/crankcase line running on the back of the
>driver's side of the engine. This looks like it's right up against the valve
>cover. Do I have to disassemble that line or is there any easy way around it?
>Has anyone done the valve covers recently and have some handy tips or
>instructions available?
>George Tur
>91 V8 & 95 A6Q
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