[V6-12v] Expected MAF output readings...

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I would definitely try cleaning the maf with a 90% or higher concentration
of alcohol before replacing it.  I was experiencing a lean condition about a
year ago and removing and cleaning the dirty maf sensor cured it.

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Hello all,

I've been running with a lean condition in my '94 100 (non-q, auto) for
awhile now and have been trying to deny the inevitable cause:  bad MAF. 
(Both O2 sensors throw sporadic control limit exceeded and ProDiag shows
that they are trying to compensate for a lean condition.  I've also checked
/ replaced everything short of MAF and fuel pressure - I don't have the
proper tools to check fuel pressure.)

Anyway, I've sampled some MAF output data at WOT approaching 6000 rpms (as
per advice from other postings on the Internet) to check the g/s flow at the
MAF and am only seeing around 106 g/s.  There's a post at rb.com where
someone notes they *think* this should be around 125 g/s for the 12v.  Can
anyone on this list confirm what I should be seeing?  The Bentley doesn't
give any expected values for this reading (Block 019, line 2) so I have
nothing to compare against.  (BTW, all the electrical troubleshooting steps
in the Bentley for checking the MAF come back normal.)

The MAF is ~$450 new  (or ~$250 used) so I want to be absolutely sure that
mine is bad before I buy another one.

Thanks in advance!

-Joe Bossalini
'94 100 S
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