[V6-12v] Audi heating - bone head moves --

Tom Christiansen tomchr at ee.washington.edu
Sat Mar 19 18:08:59 EST 2005


>I'm thinking "normal" is when the temp gauge hits the first line
>(dot) on the display and stays there (at least on the 2 Audis I
>have owned, they hit the first, low end of the gauge).  If after
>that "the engine cools right off", I don't think it should; it
>should hit the normal range, stay there, and not drop below it.

I must agree with Kent here... Unless it's super cold, you shouldn't see 
much of any fluctuations in the coolant temp when the thermostat opens. It 
should heat up to 87 deg C and stay there. You might see a slight variation 
in temp when the thermostat opens the first time, but it's less than the 
width of the needle on the thermometer.

To my knowledge, the fat mark about 1/3 up on the gauge is 90 deg C.

>2nd line of thought: I don't think the heater core would/could/should 
>affect your temp gauge that much. That is, if the temp gauge reads
>"normal" until you ask for heat, and then the temp gauge drops,
>then that isn't normal, in my experience.

I agree again. The heater core is "inside the thermostat" and should heat 
up as the engine is heating up. You don't have to wait for the thermostat 
to open before getting heat. My heater works from about when the needle on 
the gauge gets up on the very first line on the gauge (barely off dead 
cold). To my knowledge, there is no valve closing off the heater core loop 
so you should not experience any drop in temp when you turn the heat on.


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