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Kent McLean kentmclean at mindspring.com
Mon Mar 28 22:43:51 EST 2005

Tom Christiansen wrote:
> What's the deal with Euro headlights? Are they brighter than the US lights?

The US DOT headlights on the Type 44 (mid-80s to 91 100/200)
are worse than flashlights.  The Euro (e-code) headlights
have a glass lens and different cut-off pattern (flat on the
left, rising on the right) that makes them 10 times better.
Relay them and put in higher wattage bulbs and they can't be
beat. I think age also fogs the US plastic lens and further
diminishes the output.  The e-code lights are expensive with
a capital E ($750+ new), but I think are worth it.

On the C4 body (1992+ 100), the US DOT headlights aren't as
bad as the Type 44, but the Euros, AFAIK, are still better.

Search the archives for all the details.

Kent McLean
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