[V6-12v] Bizarre Cooling System Problem

James Whitehouse jamescarstuff at aol.com
Sun May 29 18:59:46 EDT 2005

I don't know what the problem is - my advice is simply that I would spend
money narrowing down that particular problem at this stage rather than
sinking money into air-con, etc. No point in throwing money at a potentially
dead engine, or putting air-con into a car that isn't going.

Good luck though, interested to hear the cause...


On 29/5/05 4:48 pm, "Wilfried Link" <wilfriedlink at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Here's a great brain teaser:
> Cooling system functions perfectly but for small leaks
> at four different hose connections and a moderate one
> past the O-ring at the coolant pipe where it enters
> the block behind the thermostat. Engine is from a
> wrecking yard with 75,000 on it. Rest of car has
> 182,000. New upper radiator hose and said O-ring .
> Cooling system flushed. Heater works perfectly. Hose
> connections have been adressed by cleaning
> connections, tightening, loosening, you name it.
> Clamps are way tight, still leaking! O-ring replaced,
> still leaking! Only thing I can think of is
> overpressure, but cap was swapped and tested (15 psi),
> no difference. Aaargh! Water pump was replaced two
> weeks ago by 2Bennett Audimotive after it stranded me
> in mountains by gushing coolant out of the freeze plug
> at a horrendous rate - which sounds like blown seal,
> right? Only old part that plays a role in this to my
> mind is the radiator. However, even in hot weather
> the system works perfectly -- oil and water temps both
> happily normal. This car is to take us 3000 miles into
> Canada and back in a few weeks, and at this rate I'll
> spend more on Pentosin than gas!   Any clues out
> there? I'm about to put in a new AC compressor ($595
> A-Air Online Florida -- great manager, Keith-knows our
> compressors very well), and just sank a ton into this
> newer motor (2Bennett again), so I tire of high-dollar
> fixes.
> Thanks in advance,
> Wil
> 1995 A6 Avant
> Vacation Cruiser

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