[V6-12v] Cleaning Idle Stabilization valve

Tom Christiansen tomchr at ee.washington.edu
Wed Nov 2 23:02:41 EST 2005


You don't mention which engine is in your 95 cabrio so I'll assume it's 
an AAH or AFC engine. The ISV is on the starboard side, aft of the 
intake manifold. Although, it looks to be pretty well buried in there, 
it's actually not that bad to get it out.

Remove the plastic engine cover.
Remove the intake plenum and air hose.
Remove three bolts holding the ISV onto the manifold. If I recall 
correctly, they are 10 mm or 11 mm hex heads. If I recall correctly, the 
tightening torque is 10 Nm.

It takes a little "car repair by braille" but it can be done. Make sure 
to replace the ISV gasket when you install the valve.


Steve Kramer wrote:
> Fellow Listers,
> I have a 1995 cabriolet with 95k.  I've been having trouble when going into 
> park where the engine will stall.   Believe it's most likely the ISV.  But 
> whereas the ISV on the V8 is great to access.  How do you get to the ISV. 
> Looks like it will take an hour just to remove the thing.  Please help?

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