[V6-12v] ignition switch bad

George Tur getur at optonline.net
Thu Nov 10 22:49:18 EST 2005

On Wednesday 09 November 2005 04:56 pm, Clive Young wrote:
> Hi Guys
> Sorry, i think I mislead a few people with my last post. My car had the
> recall done many years ago with the sitch . It died again about 3 months
> ago so I got one from Autohaus. .It just died again. The guys at autohaus
> said this is a big problem with this switch and they exchanged it no
> problem free of charge, he was surprised i only got 3 months out of it
> though , and i only drive the car once a week . . I was just wondering if
> the actual switch from the dealer is any more reliable or not . This switch
> does not say audi on it anywhere ( my old original had the audi symbol oni
> t.  ) I was wondering if the factory switch was sourced from the same
> supplier I got mine or wether it was tryely better.
It just might be. The ignition switch on the wife's 95 A6 was replaced a 
little over a year ago with a switch that was sourced from a VW dealer and 
it's held up fine. My son had to replace the ignition switch in his 87 5ktq 
after only 6 months. He had gotten the original replacement from Bimmerparts 
and the second one is from Autohaus. I think it's been in there for a few 
months now.

George Tur
91 V8

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