[V6-12v] A6Q Avant RF Fender

Mike LaRosa mrmotoguzzi00 at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 11 10:42:50 EST 2005

those are galvanized....  might be as easy as grind
the paint off and smooth, repaint....

that's what i did on my 93 100 csqa... paint was
peeling in the same place...


--- Dan Cooke <dcooke at toolkitmail.com> wrote:

> My 96 A6Q Avant has some cancer on the RF Fender
> above the wheel well, so not wanting to mess
> with it myself what would be my best choice:
> a) have body shop repair corrosion
> b) buy fender somewhere and have it painted
> The corrosion is "bubbling" from the inside out
> on the perimeter of the wheel well.
> With option b) anyone have any sources for finding
> a fender in good used shape, or new?
> Dan Cooke
> 96 A6Q Avant
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