[V6-12v] Seat Belt Retractor Source

Wilfried Link wilfriedlink at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 27 20:45:18 EST 2005

Anyone know a source for the seat belt
tensioner/retractor for a 1999 A4? The unit of course
has the pyrotechnic seat belt pretensioner as part of
the assembly, which makes me fear the dealer is the
only source, and that it will be big bucks. The seat
belt will no longer retract, even with coaxing. After
inspecting the unit and vacuuming some dust and lint
out of it, I noted no improvement in operation, but
did see that the label says "do not install in another
vehicle", so I'm guessing it's not possible to get one
from a wrecking yard either.  Anyone BTDT?

99 A4 and 95 A6   

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