[V6-12v] Timing belt trouble

Lino M. Valadas l.valadas at rogers.com
Thu Oct 6 23:00:44 EDT 2005

Can you get some vice-grips onto it?

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> Folks,
> Tonight was the night. Armed with the proper Audi tools I was going 
> to replace the timing belt in my 1994 90S FWD. Everything went well 
> until the last dampener bolt where the hex was either slightly 
> rounded to begin with or I rounded it when I tried to negotiate the 
> Allen bit in there between the A/C hoses... In either case, I now 
> have a bolt that's stuck.
> Before I take the car to a shop to have them deal with it, do you 
> have any advice on how to get that darn bolt out? The remaining bolts 
> came out without too much fuss.
> There is some hex shape left in the bolt, although, it's starting to 
> look more like a 12-point than a hex. If I had a welder I would have 
> been tempted to weld an old Allen bit on there and replace the bolt.
> I guess some jobs are best left to the pros. Although, it doesn't 
> look that bad at all if you have the cam and crank holding tools handy.
> Thanks,
> Tom
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