[V6-12v] Pulling to one side at speed

Eric Ragot eragot at earthlink.net
Mon Oct 10 08:52:03 EDT 2005

My 96 A6Q Avant just keeps on spitting out new problems... I think I 
know why this time, but wanted to run it by you all.
Somehow after a month of ownership, I didn't notice that one tire did 
not match the rest. Ugh, so off to Pepboys I went with my A6 and my 90. 
The 90 had a good set of tires on it that had even tread on all 4 tires. 
But, the 90 is 2wd and had about 10k on the tires.

Well, down to Pep with one car, walk home, get the other (sometimes it 
really sucks when your driving friends aren't around and your wife 
doesn't drive) and drive back. Wait... done.

They did put the tires on the A6 in the proper direction and everything 
is fine until I get above 50mph. Then the car pulls to the right quite 
strongly. Before the tire change, this did not happen. Any ideas? Insist 
on swapping passenger tires from front to read (retains directionality) 
and see if that eliminates it, or then insist on having the rear 
driver's tire placed on the passenger front?

FWIW - Pep is still a bunch of _____, the 90 had the mismatched tires 
placed on the front of the car! Doh!


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