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Clive Young cyoung1661 at rogers.com
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I had a similar problem during the summer. I put a voltmeter set to AC on
each of the sensor inputs going to the ABS module under the rear seat,. 3
out of the four sensors gave readings of 100 - 400mv. One gave 0. Checked it
and the sensor was hanging out. Point is try putting the meter on all 4 , it
may tell you where your problem lies. I know that ring has to be perfect all
the way around and maintain the same distance from the sensor . Maybe one
isn't in right ? just a suggestion...

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> Hi All,
> Ok, finally caught a break in all this rain and was able to get my
> new pads and rotor installed all around. Came across a BENT and seized
> brake caliper carrier. So I had one over-nighted and she's all back
> together. On the rear rotors, no Quattro here, I repack the bearing and
> out the races, new seal. No problems there. I did have to do a lot of
> up work on the ABS rotor. She was pretty rusty. Wire-wheeled it pretty
> and tapped them onto the new rotors. Good News Bad News, It's not raining
> anymore, but my ABS light is on and the rear tires lock up during heavy,
> emergency like, braking. I haven't seen this ABS Rotor offered anywhere
> the local stealership wouldn't give me the part number. Only $20+ each so
> ordered a pair up even though I could probably get'em online ANYWHERE for
> half. I should be receiving them tomorrow. Anyone have any other ideas if
> this fails? BTDTs?
> Thanks,
> -Calvyn-
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