[V6-12v] Sunroof Motor

Tom Christiansen tomchr at ee.washington.edu
Fri Oct 21 09:20:30 EDT 2005


I highly doubt that the motor itself can be rebuilt. Bigger motors 
like the starter and alternator (which technically isn't a motor, 
even though it uses the same principles for its operation as the 
motor does) can be rebuilt. I interned with a shop once that did that 
sort of stuff. It took a couple of hours to replace the 
bushings/bearings, the brushes, and resurface the commutator on the 
rotor. That's why a rebuilt unit is $300 but they only give you $50 
for your old one...

Maybe you can find a rebuilt sunroof motor assembly - or rebuild the 
assy yourself. That is if the motor is good and it's just a matter of 
a CLA to get it back to normal.

I don't have access to my Bentley manual from this PC, but I did 
fiddle with the sunroof on my 1985 5000CS back in the days. With a 
manual in hand it wasn't that big of a deal to get in there. But I 
only adjusted the sunroof, I did not replace the motor assy.


At 10:55 PM 10/20/2005, RGuzz wrote:
>95 A6 5 speed needs sunroof motor. Can these be rebuilt? Best prices
>for new replacement, or anyone with a lead to a used one? Can I easily
>replace the old one as a DIY job.
>Any tips appreciated.
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