[V6-12v] rain water soaking all 4 footwells in car

Panaudisonic@aol.com Panaudisonic at aol.com
Thu Oct 27 03:42:33 EDT 2005

been raining here in pittsburgh for several days in a row my 92 100CS my  
spare audi now is soaked with rain water in all 4 footwells the passenger side  
is the worst water is an inch deep and water is getting under battery and 
around  locking computer car is acting erratically the noise you here when the 
locks go  up or down can be heard without there movement the parking lights going 
on and  off i disconnected battery i am going to wet vac floors can anyone 
tell me what  is causing this?is water going to get into ecu?the headliner is dry 
the seats  are dry the dash is dry it seems to be only leaking in the deepest 
parts of the  floor and under rear seat but not dripping from above those 
areas please help!!!  this rainy season is only the beginning i don't want car 
destroyed it still runs  great and looks great

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