[V6-12v] water in all 4 footwells in 92 audi 100 CS after 7 days of miserable rain/cold

Panaudisonic@aol.com Panaudisonic at aol.com
Fri Oct 28 07:02:01 EDT 2005

thanks to all that replied Kent you were right after wet vacuuming for 3  
hours with a very powerful wet vac I got about 3 gallons of rain water out of  
the car the rear passenger side took the brunt of it causes electrical problems  
with central locking and alarm systems and the battery needs charged too I 
took  a look under the hood took the plenum off and saw water all around sucked 
that  up too now I see the drain plug under heater blower and it looks like a 
rubber  plug where the water should be escaping do I have to remove the rubber 
itself or  just clean around it?also the black plastic box right beside the 
battery that is  hidden by pieces of thick molded foam under the rear back seat 
is that the  central locking/alarm computer?water was all around that too! 
anyone know  what  type of absorbent material/chemical I could keep in car do 
get the  rest of the water out that is still in dense foam backing under the  

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