[V6-12v] water in all 4 footwells in 92 audi 100 CS after 7 days of miserable rain/cold

Tom Christiansen tomchr at ee.washington.edu
Fri Oct 28 12:03:31 EDT 2005

At 04:01 AM 10/28/2005, Panaudisonic at aol.com wrote:
>thanks to all that replied Kent you were right after wet vacuuming for 3
>hours with a very powerful wet vac I got about 3 gallons of rain 
>water out of
>the car


>anyone know  what  type of absorbent material/chemical I could keep in car do
>get the  rest of the water out that is still in dense foam backing under the

The "chemicals" that absorb water are usually just silica sand. I bet 
if you sprinkle that stuff on the floor, you'll make a mess.

I think in this case, evaporation is your friend. You could speed 
things up by parking the car in a heated garage, in the sun, or by 
using a space heater. If you opt for the space heater, make sure it's 
set up in a safe manner. Anything combustible (includes most parts of 
the car) should be a safe distance away from the space heater (read 
the instructions that came with the heater). Make sure the space 
heater is secured so it doesn't topple over and catch your car on 
fire. Regardless of which method you use, leave the windows cracked 
open so the water vapor can escape.


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