[V6-12v] ignition swith interlock

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Thanks to Kent for going the extra mile so that others would have easy step
by step instructions. Very helpful.

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> Kent McLean wrote:
>  > On my '94 100 S automatic FWD, I'm replacing the ignition switch.
> <snip>
>  > But when I went to start the car again, the key would not turn!
> I figured it out. I think.  The shift interlock works like this:
> when you turn the key, inside the dash it moves a hook towards you.
> That hook in turn pulls on a cable attached to the transmission(?),
> releasing the lock.
> When I put mine back together the 2nd time, I made sure there was
> no slack in the cable, pushing it back into its sheath before
> securing the clip.  My guess is that there was too much free play
> in the cable for the turning of the key to pull on it.
> Full write up here:
> <http://www.audifans.com/twiki/bin/view/Audi/IgnitionSwitchReplacementC4>
> And that's why we call it "Labor Day".
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