[V6-12v] Leaky steering rack?

Chris Thorp thorp at spacia.org
Thu Sep 8 19:50:55 EDT 2005

Elvis Palombizio wrote:

>	Anything I can do short of replacing the rack? Anyone have a BTDT on
>replacing it or how much it costs, how long it takes?
I assume you're running the correct steering fluid?  If so, have you 
checked that it really is the rack and not one of the hoses or banjo 
bolts?  If not, feel free to search the archives for the damage that 
most non-Pentosin CHF fluids will cause...  (I say most because there 
are some listers who have had success with some Pentosin subtitutes)  I 
suggest that you start looking at the hoses and banjos, before you start 
thinking too much about the rack itself.  My '95 A6 started leaking 
through the high pressure hose at ~150k miles.  Still not a cheap fix, 
but far less work.

Chris Thorp

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