[V6-12v] Windshield Wipers

Lt.Kubosh Lt.Kubosh at atlas.cz
Sun Sep 18 16:16:14 EDT 2005

I'm sorry, I don't know if the front one is same, but the rear one on Avant
80 and Avant 100 (A6) is same. Different is just holder.

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At 10:44 AM 9/18/2005, Eric Ragot wrote:
>I'm working on the windshield wiper problem I have - they move really
>slowly. I removed the wiper assembly, and used lithium grease on everything
>- including diassembling the "posts" where the wipers attach to. No dice,
>still runs slow.

You might have to clean everything before lubricating it. Often old
grease will form this tar-like substance. Same could happen with the
bearings in the motor, though. I've usually had good luck rebuilding
motors (never tried with a wiper motor, though), but it's a pretty
laborious process. Unless you're really strapped for cash, it
probably makes more sense to buy a new motor.

>Anybody know if the wiper motor from a 94 90 will work in the 96 A6?

You can try searching the auto parts sites to find a part number for
the motor in a 94 90 and compare it with that from a 90 A6. If they
match, it's probably the same part.


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