[V6-12v] Couple minor issues with 95 A6

Joe - Audi audi at olderie.com
Wed Apr 5 13:55:01 EDT 2006

beattyr2003 at cox.net wrote:

> 1st issue is drivers side wiper blade lifting off the windshield at
> highway speeds, which is HIGHLY annoying in rain.  I have changed the
> cartridge and tried fiddling around with the arm a bit, even trying to
> bend it to apply some more downward pressure on the blade.  Seeing this
> issue on both cars, so I am assuming its a model problem and not an
> individual car thing.  Anyone have any experience with this?

Have had this same problem on my '94 100.  Make sure the arm is bolted
down tight enough.  I've also bent mine in a bit more to solve the

> 2nd issue is check engine light.  I know the usual culprit is the EGR port
> from the intake manifold to the EGR itself, and I cleaned that out on the
> sedan, but I am still seeing the light intermittantly.  Any other common
> reasons for this?  Obviously, it could be the EGR itself, but before I
> change that out, I want to elminate other potential easier solutions.  I
> haven't built an interface yet for the ODB I system in the cars, so I
> haven't pulled codes either.

Check the vacuum line hoses. At that age, they are detiorating.  You may
be getting an intermittent lean condition.  Carefully inspect them, as a
small crack may not be very noticable at first.  Not sure if the '95 V6
has the same lines but, on mine, I've had trouble with the rubber and hard
plastic lines on the top/driver side. (in the channel under the engine
cover between the valve cover and the intake manifold.)

I don't have a link handy but you can pull the codes by shorting out the
OBD-I terminals under the hood.  You should definitely do this, since it
will save tons of time by avoiding the random troubleshooting.  Depending
where you live, there may be a lister with a ProDiag or VagCom that would
be willing to pull them for you. (I'm in the Dallas area, BTW)


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