[V6-12v] The smell of curry soup (blown heater core)

Tom Christiansen tomchr at gmail.com
Thu Apr 27 21:58:10 EDT 2006


My 1994 90S has started to consume coolant and I have noticed the
smell of curry soup in the car lately. Now, I don't really mind curry
soup, but the smell of it -- especially when it comes from the vents
is indicative of a blown heater core. Damn!!

I understand that changing the heater core involves tearing the entire
dash apart. Thus, I'd prefer to have a 3-day weekend available for
this. Conveniently Memorial day is only a month away. But I'm not sure
the core will last that long...

Are the stop leak products safe to use on Audi engines with the red coolant?

Is there a "back road" to the heater core that allows it to be changed
without having to tear the dash apart?

If I were to "bridge" the two hoses by the firewall, would the use of
copper or brass pipe corrode the aluminum block through galvanic

Now that I'm "in there anyway" what else would you suggest I change or
inspect? A/C evaporator? (The A/C still works)



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