[V6-12v] Blown Heater

Clive Young cyoung1661 at rogers.com
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Is there a right time to take out your entire dashboard :-)
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> "Tom Christiansen" <tomchr at gmail.com>
> My 1994 90S has started to consume coolant and I have noticed the smell of
curry soup in the car
> lately. Now, I don't really mind curry soup, but the smell of it -- 
especially when it comes from
> the vents is indicative of a blown heater core. Damn!!
> Are the stop leak products safe to use on Audi engines with the red
> Is there a "back road" to the heater core that allows it to be changed
without having to tear the
> dash apart?
> If I were to "bridge" the two hoses by the firewall, would the use of
copper or brass pipe corrode
> the aluminum block through galvanic action?
> Now that I'm "in there anyway" what else would you suggest I change or
inspect? A/C evaporator? (The
> A/C still works)
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> I don't know the repair process, BUT I have driven cars many miles by
disconnecting the heater core
> on the engine side of the firewall and just making a loop, connecting the
heater inlet to the engine
> return - just make a "U" and bypass the heater entirely. Not sure how easy
this would be to do (it's
> late and I haven't looked) but if possible, it lets you put it off until
the time is right.
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