[V6-12v] Head Gasket Job Imminent

Clive Young cyoung1661 at rogers.com
Tue Aug 1 10:04:17 EDT 2006

Cudos to you guys who have even done the Valley Pan gasket. I looked at that
exhaust tube that goes back to the intake and thought " what a freakin
nighmare" I decided to close the hood on my car and walk away quietly.. 

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Please spend $10.00 FOR A NEW oil pressure sender and replace it first.

If your oil sender is leaking it  will spew oil that will work its way 
down the left side of the upper oil pan and onto the exhaust. Symptoms 
often diagnosed as a bad upper oil pan gasket. It's easy to change but 
something that is hard to see as a problem. It  is very often "THE 
PROBLEM" when it comes to oil leaks of magnitude. This is a 1 wire 
sensor that is labeled #9 in the attached image it's screwed into the 
upper oil pan just next to the oil cooler/oil filter, it's kind of hard 
to see but it is there.

Kim  Johnson
"lots of Audis"

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