[V6-12v] Radiator Fans not switching in correctly...

James Whitehouse james_whitehouse1 at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Aug 28 06:36:12 EDT 2006


Anyone know the fault finding procedure for the radiator fans on this
engine? My engine manual doesn't cover this, for some reason (why?). I only
have fault finding for the ignition system, which covers the coolant temp
sender (G62), which feeds the Control Unit.

However, I know that there are two other 'thermo switches', one being the
thermo switch that plugs in on the bottom left of the radiator housing
itself, and another (F76) which sits on the large coolant pipe on the left
rear of the engine (as you look at it from the front of the engine bay)
which I know feeds the dashboard temp gauge, but I believe may also have
something to do with the rad-fan timing, etc.

There's also a relay or two in the fuse box and a couple of fuses, but I
don't have enough detail on what the two thermo-switches actually do to know
where to start.

The symptoms are as follows:

- Engine waits until it's one mark beyond the 'normal' temp mark (the more
distinctive 'centre' thicker splodge of white mark on the dash), then both
fans kick in (full speed?) for about 20 seconds. They then turn off again
without having cooled the engine.

I'm guessing that a) first speed fans aren't working, as I remember them
kicking in before that mark, and staying on longer, then 'speed 2' kicking
in when sitting in traffic for ages, bringing it down to 'speed 1' temp.

If anyone has info, or fault finding for this system, could you let me know



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