[V6-12v] Radiator Fans not switching in correctly...

Tom Christiansen tomchr at gmail.com
Thu Aug 31 21:42:18 EDT 2006


Yeah... That rad fan resistor pack is bloody expensive. I recall
paying $40 at a junkyard for the one I needed for my 1985 5000CS in

The resistance of a healthy pack is on the order of a few ohms. Maybe
slightly less than an ohm. Thereabouts... A broken pack is pretty
obvious to spot. The resistance will likely be in kohm or Mohm...


On 8/31/06, James Whitehouse <james_whitehouse1 at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:
> Tom,
> Thanks, I know where you mean now, I'd never realized it was a resistor
> pack.
> Do you know what the resistance spec. of a healthy pack would be? I have no
> info on any of this in my manual. I've just discovered that a new resistor
> pack is nearly £100, so I'm not inclined to replace it without finding out
> if it has actually burned out, especially since other potentially suspect
> parts (i.e. rad-fan thermo-switch and rad-fan 1st speed relay) are only
> about £20 each.
> Cheers,
> James

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