[V6-12v] Dead cat?

Tom Christiansen tomchr at gmail.com
Sun Dec 10 00:02:55 EST 2006


Sorry to bring this up for the 246th time, but I search the archives
for the symptoms of a dead cat and didn't have much luck...

I think one or both of my cats just died. Thankfully, I'm not talking
about the fuzzy furball animals... The symptoms are as follows:

About a week or so ago, it developed a new sound. Sounded a bit like
one of those souped up rice rockets. OK, not that bad but in that
direction anyway. It still drove fine and the sound was only present
at 2800-3000 RPM so I decided to live with it.
The cat's been rattling for years until it was warm. Tonight the
rattle was gone. As was quite a bit of engine power. On a slight uphil
stretch of the freeway I could barely maintain 65 MPH. This was with
the pedal to the metal. Normally, I would have no trouble accelerating
up that hill. When I got off the freeway I noticed that it was running
a bit hotter than normal. Not much, just a bit. I also noticed that in
first gear on a level road, the engine won't go past 5000 RPM or so.

This got me thinking dead cat... Does this sound reasonable?

If it's the cat, I'll probably just take the car to Midas. Yeah, the
sweet audi purr (which I love) may be replaced by something else, but
I just bought my first house so I don't really need huge expenses at
this point...

Is there something about swinging dead cats over your head brings luck
or something...? :-)



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