[V6-12v] need help with 12v starting woes please

Briand Parenteau bp at showmixevents.com
Thu Dec 14 09:07:07 EST 2006

Hello q-listers,

It's been a while since I've come searching for answers here, guess that
means I've been solving problems okay lately.  Problems certainly have not
gone to the wayside they've just been more easily solved.  This one has got
me stumped...  Patient is a '94 100s fwd w/195,000 miles.  Timing belt,
water pump etc... done within 10k miles by a reputable shop.

Started out as Intermittent starting issues.  Got good spark, looks like no
voltage to injectors, telling them to spray at start-up.  Car was starting
with shot of starting fluid, now no start at all.  Computer codes told me
engine speed sensor, replaced that.  Then got a code for ECM malfunction,
swapped that out.  Now I'm not getting anymore codes on either ECM's, both
say all is well.  I'm going to do the crankshft position sensor too, while
I'm at it this week, easy replacement.

Would camsaft position sensor create a no start scenario?  Haven't seen that
fault code though....How difficult or easy is replacing that?  Where else
can the problem lie?  I metered out ground connections from ECM, all is well

I also have a '90 200T fwd and guess what?  Doing the same thing, but still
starts with starting fluid.  Will save this one for another day, haven't had
time to troubleshoot and get codes yet.

Thank you,

Briand Parenteau
617 328-4467 office/fax
617 460-0128 cell

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