[V6-12v] Interior/ Dash Removal

George Tur getur at optonline.net
Sat Dec 16 20:06:47 EST 2006

On Saturday 16 December 2006 19:08, James Whitehouse wrote:
> Need to remove my dash (in fact my whole interior) from my 2WD to the 4WD
> to make one nice car (2WD interior is mint, 4WD currently only very good
> condition). Any procedures for the dash removal anywhere?
> Also, where/ how do you adjust the air vent control? Currently I'm only
> getting air out of the footwell vents in the new car, no matter where I
> turn the dial (e.g. to the screen, or the main vents...
The audifan knowledge base for the 80/90/CQ models has some writeups on how to 
repair the instrument cluster. That might give you a start on how to get the 
dash out.

I have run into the vent problem on the type 44 chassis cars and it was the 
flap motor that was causing the problem. You should be able to put the 
climate control into the diagnostic mode to see if there are any error codes 
associated with the flap motor. Again the knowledge base has procedures for 
putting the climate control into diagnostic mode.

Good Luck with the car.

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