[V6-12v] New A80Q Initial Oddities...

Chris Thorp thorp at spacia.org
Sat Dec 16 23:13:28 EST 2006

James Whitehouse wrote:

>Hi Kent,
>Thanks for the response, pretty reassuring. I'm taking it into my trusty
>mechanic's on Tuesday, we'll put it up on the lift and take a good look at
>the rubber mounts/ wheel bearings/ CV joints, etc.
>I'll let you know how I get on!
>By the way, has anyone found any decent OEM rear shocks for the B4 Quattro?
>I'm having a devil of a job sourcing any, although fronts don't seem to be
>as big a problem, and Audi ones are over £200 each! I'm UK based... How does
>one tell if the car has 'sports type suspension' or regular suspension?
You can get the Boge rears for about USD$120/ea from WorldPac vendors in 
the US.  With the exchange rate the way it is, you would be in for quite 
a lot less money than the dealer is asking.


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