[V6-12v] Interior/ Dash Removal

James Whitehouse james_whitehouse1 at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Dec 19 13:41:37 EST 2006


Thanks, that's excellent. I'll print out your suggestions so I have them
with me when working on the dash removal. The ziplock bags are an excellent
idea, which I also used on the recent engine stripdown to do the cylinder
head gaskets among other things, and which I highly recommend also.

I'm actually changing over the entire interior, carpets included, as my
current car's interior is in much better condition than the new Quattro. So
I'm banking on a good couple of days of fine weather to get them both
changed over properly. The advantage is it's all my labour time, and while
I'm in there, I can have a good look around and get anything that's worn or
needs replacement fixed, as well as those air vents, etc.

I'm also taking the opportunity to retro-fit the 3 optional middle dials
(oil temp, oil pressure, volts) as my friendly Audi breaker has them with
the relevant wiring loom and sensors as a whole kit. Should be nice and
useful too.


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> James,
> It does come together without too much grief. The sticking point is to
> get the bottom of the ducts of the dash to mate up with the top outlet
> on the heater box. It's near impossible to see in there, but you can
> feel around with your hands. Don't be too surprised if you end up
> spending the better part of an hour getting that dash to sit right.
> But after that, everything else is easy. I'd strongly suggest taking
> things out in groups (rear console, center console, etc.) and put the
> fasteners in ziplock bags. Mark the bags... It makes life easier
> during assembly.
> Align the dash so you have about 5 mm from it to the windshield and so
> the top of the sides of the dash aligns with the top of the door trim.
> Usually, you can't do much about the spacing to the windshield, but
> you do have some wiggleroom on the sides.
> Tom
> On 12/19/06, James Whitehouse <james_whitehouse1 at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:
> > Thanks Tom,
> >
> > Very useful advice and suggestions. I'm definitely not looking forward
> to
> > it, but with a few little hints like this it should make it at least
> easier.
> > Does it all go back together neatly as long as one is careful??
> >
> > Cheers,
> > James
> >
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