[V6-12v] No start fault

Tom Christiansen tomchr at gmail.com
Sat Dec 23 11:20:34 EST 2006


When I turn the key to the run position (without starting the car) the
check engine light (and all the other lights) come on. This is on a
1994 90S.

I believe the engine timing fuses are the ones for the ECU. At least
that's how I interpret it. I'd have to look it up on the schematic to
be sure.


On 12/23/06, James Whitehouse <james_whitehouse1 at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:
> Hi Tom,
> I've had a look and I can't see the MIL lamp come on
> during startup. This either means it doesn't do it, or
> it's not meant to, if you could confirm, that would be
> helpful! I've checked S27 and S28 which are the engine
> timing fuses, are there fuses for the actual ECU then?

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