[V6-12v] Indoor car covers?

The CyberPoet thecyberpoet at cyberpoet.net
Sun Dec 24 15:59:13 EST 2006

I have lots of experience with covers because of being a biker...
The biggest criteria is how dry & dust free the garage is, plus  
whether the vehicle is often taken out (i.e. - engine heat vs. time- 

For longer term storage:
If the garage is dry (not prone to condensation) and you're not  
dealing with heavy dust (i.e. - no wood sanding), natural cottons  
like flannel and fine silks rule supreme. Look for a "dust cover."  
Bonus: they can be washed. Cheap substitute: 100% fine-weave cotton  
Cons: you must store them in a clean place, or they will pick up and  
transfer stuff to the paint.

If the garage is prone to condensation, something that can breath (by  
virtue of vents), but is generally waterproof in materials, such  
nylons (most outdoor covers) or even tyvek (cost benefit: cheap).  
Putting a bedsheet over the car before putting the waterproof  
membrane over it will help prevent scratching when cover/uncovering.

If the garage is dry but used as a woodshop as well or particularly  
dusty, plastic or tyvek to provide a barrier that won't let the wood  
fibers get stuck (since there isn't a weave for it to get into), and  
plastic covers are very cheap.

For daily/weekly use:
Look for something that is weatherproof (nylon/poly), because the  
fabric won't mildew when you park a wet car. Also look for something  
designed to take engine heat (usually an alumized nylon panel over/ 
around the engine area).

Good Luck!
=-= Marc Glasgow

On Dec 24, 2006, at 3:03 PM, Austin Franklin wrote:

> Hi,
> This car cover will be for an A4 in the garage, and I only want to  
> keep dust
> off of it.  It'll never be used outside.  Breathable and good dust
> protection are what I'm looking for.  There is "Dustop", which is
> $185...seems pricey to me, and there are some on eBay for $20.
> Any recommendations?
> Regards and Merry XMass,
> Austin
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