[V6-12v] Understeer - suspension?

James Whitehouse james_whitehouse1 at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Dec 28 14:32:31 EST 2006

Now that I've been driving the new 80 Quattro for a bit longer and started
to push it a bit harder, it's become apparent that when putting the power
down in the middle of a corner (to come out of the corner fast, as 4WD
should excel at) I suddenly get massive understeer. The car doesn't just
politely lose grip (as did my 2WD) it just suddenly understeers to an
alarming degree.

Any experience of this? Is it just tired rear shocks/springs, or is there
something more insidious at play like some accident damage that's been
hidden and missed in the pre-sales checks?

Your thoughts please...


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