[V6-12v] Bad Ignition Switch

Clive Young cyoung1661 at rogers.com
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Hi Wil 

It was me . 

 I contacted Autohaus and they acknowledged the problem , I asked if there
were other sources for this switch and he basically told me the dealer gets
theres from the same spot, and remember, the reason we are all using them is
because the original failed , and the dealer recall failed also. They did
exchange it for me no problem. Cost me about 1.00 to return and I just had
them put it in with my next order, they did it no questions asked. If I have
the original correspondence still I will forward it to you. It took me about
ten minutes to change. The problem for you may be the dead time. For me it
was no big deal as I parked the car while I waited for the old one to go
back and the new one to come. You can aleays just order one and get credit
when yours goes back, the guys there are really easy to work with . Just
email them for a return goods authorization as per there site. I found it
petty straight forward. 


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I replaced the ignition switch in my A6 with one from
AutoHaus AZ three weeks ago. Last week my windows and
numerous other electrical items lost power until I
manipulated the key in the ignition. It happened again
today -- including grinding starter noises. I suddenly
vaguely remembered reading a 12V email from someone
describing the same problem with a switch from
Autohaus AZ. Is that someone out there? What was the
end result? I'd hate to do the job all over again.

1995 A6 Avant
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